My Story…

…in ten snapshots

I’m an ex-Reuter’s foreign correspondent turned fiction writer.

I write about history because that’s my favourite genre to read.

When I began researching the First World War for War Girls, then The Goose Road, I took the complete works of the English war poet Wilfred Owen with me to France because I’d found his poems so powerful when we studied them at school that I somehow needed to ask his permission to trespass on his life & times.

I was born in the Year of the Rat, which might be why I like them so much.

I don’t like politicians who distort or ignore scientific evidence, especially evidence about our fragile & endangered natural world.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d take my family on an African safari.

Once, at dusk on the banks of the Zambezi, I left my canoe partner behind to find somewhere private to bathe. Stooping at a bend in the river, a crocodile popped up a few feet away, our eyes almost level as he sized me up for his supper.

I’ve reported from three continents and been mugged on four.

A gap year from Reuter’s turned into decades after I met a scallop diver; we are still happily married.

I’m qualified as a fishing boat crew, holding certificates in first aid at sea, fire fighting at sea and sea survival.

PS I studied International Relations at the LSE. I’ve no idea who decided otherwise on The Goose Road’s Amazon page.