Book birthday! THE GOOSE ROAD – by Rowena House Interview by Kerry Drewery


 Set in France in 1916, THE GOOSE ROAD is Rowena House’s debut novel, a poignant and powerful First World War coming-of-age quest.

R1.jpgThe Goose Road is based on a short story you wrote – The Marshalling of Angelique’s Geese – can you tell us a little about where the original idea for the short story came from?

The trigger for the plot was the memory of a First World War photo I’d seen years before – a picture of hundreds of farmyard geese in a railway yard, waiting to be transported across France. I’d also recently seen the National Theatre’s incredible production of War Horse, which has a goose character as well as those amazing horses, so images of geese were already mixed up in my mind’s eye with other impressions of the war, its mud and blood and appalling suffering. Then Andersen Press offered students on the…

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Blog tour: Goose Road – Rowena House


In 1916, in France, Angelique is making Hay on her family’s farm when the postman delivers news – her father is dead. Angelique is not sorry – he was a cruel, drunkard of a man – but she is deeply relieved her brother, Pascal, is still alive. She makes a promise – then and there – that the farm will remain exactly the same until he beloved brother returns home. She hopes, desperately, that if nothing changes at home, he won’t either.

Of course, nothing goes to plan. The harvest is ruined by a storm, her mother falls ill and the bailiffs arrive, ready to repossess the farm after her father has gambled it away. Angelique sets off with her treasured flock of Toulouse geese to sell them to make enough money to save her family home and await her brother’s return…….

About the author;

Rowena studied journalism at LSE…

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GUEST POST: Rowena House on the unheard voices of World War One

Sarah Likes Books &

Hello again folks, and happy spring! It’s been snowing here, and I’m feeling a little like winter is overstaying its welcome. However, those seeds of intentions are starting to wiggle about in the earth (what can I say, I know my botanical terminology) and yesterday I was brainstorming the latest incarnation of this blog. WATCH THIS SPACE, but like, not too closely, as you might be watching for a while.

Goose road jacket

In any case, I am super excited to have a guest post for your reading pleasure from the author of upcoming The Goose Road, Rowena House. Like Rowena, I’ve had an interest in this period of history since reading the war poets at school (and then reading Pat Barker’s Regeneration) and I still feel some connection with Wilfred Owen, living in Edinburgh and being somewhat familiar with Craiglockhart, where he was treated for shellshock in 1917. I’m really…

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The Goose Road Blog Tour

Thank you for such a wonderful review. xo


thumbnail_Goose road jacketGrab a mug of tea, get comfy…today is the start of a blog tour for the brilliant book, The Goose Road!
Yes that’s right hello!! It’s me, back with (yet another) blog tour, but today I’m spoiling you! Not only do you get my review, you also get a chance read a little extract of The Goose Road by Rowena House!

Not enough? Okay, how about A GIVEAWAY!!!!thumbnail_Rowena House headshot (Walker)

Yep, you got it! I am giving you the chance to win one of 2 copies of The Goose Road! The Giveaway is UK only (sorry guys!) but more on that later.

Big thanks to Jo who send me my copy of The Goose Road and is letting me have 2 winners!

First up I’ll give you the extract (cause I’m nice like that), and I hope it’ll entice you to want to read more and enter the giveaway!!

I’m turning hay…

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The Book That Changed My Life. Read on to discover yours – by Rowena House


OK, so this is a thought exercise, an attempt to funnel life’s complexity into a bookish article, because – surely – no one work deserves the title of The Book That Changed My Life.

That was certainly my conclusion when I tried to shoehorn Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own into the box labelled The Book That Changed My Life for the sake of ticking this blog off my to-do list.

Ms Woolf inspired me, yes. She influenced me, certainly. But in the end I didn’t retreat to a Bloomsbury apartment, with the modern equivalent of 3% net return on capital, to write great literature as a result of reading her oeuvre.


Putting her back on the shelf, I wondered if there was an approximation to be found, a book whose influence was sufficiently profound that I’d be happy to have it quoted back at me.

At first…

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