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The Goose Road looks at one momentous year of World War I – 1916 – through the eyes of a French peasant girl forced to work the land with her mother after her brother and father are conscripted to fight at the Front.

For schools and colleges, it offers cross curricula opportunities to study creative writing, English and French history, and the science behind the original inspiration for the book: the Spanish influenza pandemics of 1918 and 1919, which killed up to 100 million people worldwide.

You will find details about my research into this extraordinary period under the heading  “Resurrecting the Past” in the Practical Writing Tips drop-down box on this website. The Goose Road category contains more articles about writing the book itself.

CILIP has also created schools activities around The Goose Road as part of its First World War reading pack; here’s the link. In Australia, Walker Books has teaching notes to accompany the book. Please Google them, then scroll down to the titles to find the link to The Goose Road (which opens as a PDF file). There are also plenty more free resources about creative writing in my blogs listed in the Practical Writing Tips box.

For a paid visit to your school or college, please contact Authors Abroad, who will arrange everything with you. I offer whole school talks and a range of workshops for Year 6 to A-level English language students. Click here for details and the email link.

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